Super Rustic farmhouse tables
Super Rustic farmhouse tables

Super Rustic farmhouse tables

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Super rustic farmhouse tables made from fantastic old reclaimed oak.

These tables have a lovely worn top.

Our tables are fully handmade and  can be dismantled easy to deliver into your home or move around your home.

1.8m x 1m

2m x 1m

2.4m x 1m

3m x 1m



The addition of an appropriate volume of inhibitor to all heating systems is essential.

An appropriate amount of inhibitor should be used as standard practice when installing any system to negate the corrosive action caused by interaction between the various metallic components, including copper, brass, iron, steel and untreated/contaminated water leading to electrolytic action. This process is more aggressive when the system is heated.

You cannot put too much inhibitor in your system.

Failure to add an inhibitor in sufficient quantity will often affect the individual components in your whole heating system resulting in damage to seals, gaskets etc. It will also have a detrimental effect on the overall efficiency of the system as a result of a gradual build up of sludge and other harmful compounds.

As a function of their design, cast iron radiators will have a substantially higher water content per radiator when compared to a modern steel panel/convector type radiator.

In view of this, it may be necessary to add up to 3-4 times the standard amount of inhibitor to your heating system depending on the number of cast iron radiators installed.

We strongly recommend that an appropriate dosing system/vessel be used to ensure that the correct level of inhibitor is introduced to your heating system.

In addition to the above, it is always important to remember that every time your heating system is drained down for repairs/alterations/decorating etc, inhibitor will need to be re-introduced again to the correct dosing level.

If you have a sealed/pressurised system, once the correct amount of inhibitor is added to the system, it should remain active for the life span given by the manufacturer or until the system is drained.

If you have a vented/open system, then it is wise to regularly check that the inhibitor in the system is at the correct levels as evaporation may affect levels overtime.

Lastly, we always recommend that suitably trained/qualified individuals install and maintain your heating system.

* As the radiators are hand assembled, dimensions are approximate. We therefore advise that pipe work should only be put in place once the radiator has been delivered.

Accessories and Bleeds Valves:

All fitting (valves, wall stays, shrouds and air vents etc) ordered will be in a bag or box placed on top of the top radiator. If you are only receiving bleed valves, these will be placed in a bag on top of the radiator. You MUST check its contents upon delivery and report any missing items immediately.

Powder Coating

We recommend that our radiators are not powder coated in order to ensure protection of all gaskets/seals. If radiators are powder coated post sale, this will invalidate any guarantee offered.

Fitting Guidelines

  • All bush ends/caps will only be hand tight to allow customers to interchange if on a gravity fed heating system and will need fitting correctly when installed.
  • A common cause of leaks is over tightening of the valve tails into the bush ends of the radiator. Over tightening will crack the bush. When fitting the valve tail into the bush, turn it finger tight, then using a spanner turn it until there is only moderate resistance. Using a 4″ spanner it is difficult to over tighten. A thread sealant must be applied to the radiator end caps and to the valve tail threads to get a water tight seal. LSX sealant, which is available at most plumbers merchants is recommended. PTFE tape is an acceptable alternative. The torque from an 8″ adjustable spanner will be sufficient to create a good seal.
  • All valves and air vents/bleed valves to be fitted with LSX sealant or PTFE tape.
  • No caustic/corrosive/acidic plumbing compounds or liquids are to be used on or in any part of our radiators, our valves, or connections including aggressive flushing agents. If required, the system should be flushed with clean water only.
  • The water in the system MUST BE neutralised correctly following the use of any compounds etc., if required using appropriate crystals or similar. If caustic compounds (liquid or other) have been introduced into the system resulting in subsequent damage to seals/gaskets, any guarantee offered will be invalid. When a chemical cleanser is used it must be thoroughly flushed from the system. We recommend the use of Fernox F5 for power flushing and F1 rust inhibitor, which unlike other chemicals are not acid based and should not affect seals. After treatments the water should be checked for a neutral PH between 7-8. System design, flushing and dosing must be in accordance with BS 5449, 1990. BS EN 12828: 2003 and BS 7593.
  • Following this procedure the system must be closed with a sufficient Corrosive Inhibitor suitable for the water quality in your system. Dosing tools should be used to ensure the minimum correct levels of inhibitor are present at all times to prevent corrosion and should take into account the particular metals within the system. Appropriate inhibitor should be used in conjunction with manufacturer’s instructions and appropriate quantities must be used for the water content of the system.

Many of the products we sell can't be sold via the website due to their size, fragility or special requirements. Contact the team at the yard to ask any questions, reserve your product and arrange delivery. 

Call +44 (0)1869 346 347



Local delivery from our reclamation yard in Oxfordshire

We can deliver locally using our own transport and a small fee may be charged. We have both a small lorry and a hi-ab lorry. If you wish to discuss any delivery information with us please use our contact page to contact a member of staff.

Man with a van delivery

This service is more suited for a more ‘hands on’ delivery is needed. The delivery driver will collect items from our yard in person and then deliver directly to your door. This service is available nationwide and is ideal for larger items such as oak worktops, doors, fireplace heaths and furniture.

Nationwide pallet delivery

We deliver to England and Wales only.

Our nationwide delivery service is competitively priced, fast and reliable and fully insured.

All deliveries are chargeable and are based on the weight of your order.

We try to deliver within 48 hours from taking your order.

A specific delivery date will be arranged to suit you. Most deliveries are between the hours of 9.00 am and 5.00 pm, Monday – Friday except Bank Holidays. An additional charge will be made for a specific morning, afternoon or timed delivery.

Most orders are packed in either wooden crates or pallets. They will be delivered on a large lorry so it is important that any restricted access details are advised prior to your delivery. The delivery will be placed, at the driver’s discretion, to the nearest safest point to the property; this may be on the drive or just off the road. Please see diagram below.

The delivery driver cannot help handle the goods, so it is essential for you to arrange for a responsible individual to be present. All orders must be examined on delivery and any shortages, damages or other discrepancies must be noted on the delivery note and reported within the specified time period (see Terms and Conditions).

Your delivery may have extra or broken tiles which are additional to your ordered quantity. These are normally left in to brace the other tiles and will be noted on your delivery note.


Big Hi-Ab Crane lorry delivery

This delivery service is better suited for heaver items in large quantities, such as reclaimed bricks and stone.

Royal Mail postal delivery

Your items will be delivered via Royal Mail. This option is better suited to smaller items such as door fittings, ironmongery and small kitchen accessories.


We will help load your car/lorry if you wish to collect and we have blankets and bubble wrap to put around your items to keep your cars clean and tidy.