Top considerations when choosing your ideal kitchen worktop

Having a new kitchen is an exciting time and with so many beautiful kitchens and kitchen worktops to choose from nowadays, you really can personalise to your heart’s content and be as creative as you like. If you’re thinking of a kitchen with a unique style, then reclaimed materials are a good option to consider. Read on to find out why reclaimed kitchen worktops can be such a great feature for your home.

Thinking of reclaimed wood kitchen worktops?

Did you know that every year around six million tonnes of wood are dumped in landfill? This comes from businesses and houses, and also includes solid wood bars from pubs that are closing at an astonishing rate of 30 to 40 a week. The old wood is actually much stronger and better quality than much of the wood that is sourced now because the trees had longer to grow, and the look and feel of the wood is far more aesthetically pleasing than softer woods, such as pine. Whether you like the untreated, rustic look in your kitchen or machine-constructed worktops, it’s fair to say that reclaimed kitchen worktops have really made an impact on kitchen designs.

Stave oak worktops

If you’re unsure what stave oak worktops are, you might be surprised at how stunning they look. You only need a few of these carefully constructed solid oak planks of timber to create an impressive kitchen worktop with an interesting rustic look. Stave oak kitchen worktops are manufactured from striking timber which has been specifically chosen for its impressive grain pattern, showing off natural visible features and varying shades of colours. Stave oak worktops come in sizes of 40mm and 90mm, and are the most popular reclaimed material for kitchen worktops.

Why go reclaimed?

Recent developments in recycling technology have revolutionised how we re-use materials in the home and other places. What could have once been a 15ft solid oak bar in a local pub, can now be lovingly restored into a kitchen work surface or used for an under stairs cupboard door. Recycling technology has evolved so much in fact, that we should never need to make new materials and instead recycle every existing material possible. Britain is recycling not only wood, but glass and unwanted waste to potentially generate hundreds of metres of work surfaces! Even fossil limestone has been recycled into work surfaces and floors. Converting your kitchen into a recycled haven with solid wood kitchen worktops will not only mean you are being eco-friendly, but you have the added bonus of having a beautifully presented kitchen too.

Commission kitchen worktops

You can buy a reasonable kitchen in many DIY or kitchen stores, but if you want a personalised, unique and stunning kitchen, why not commission a made-to-measure kitchen worktop from us? It won’t cost the earth and it’s an ideal choice for both modern and period properties. Plus, most wood kitchen worktops will only need light sanding and oiling to complete the look. If you love the recycling approach and would like to use eco-friendly materials to enhance your home, get in touch with our team to find out how our kitchen worktops are affordable and look fantastic. We use as much reclaimed oak as possible, as well as some new seasoned oak. Plus, we have our own factory so we are able to offer excellent pricing. We are based at Souldern near Bicester and we have many reclaimed products on-site to show you. Why not come and visit us? We’re just off the M40 and open Monday – Friday from 7.30am to 5.00pm and on Saturdays from 8.00am to 4.00pm.