The benefits of solid pine doors over composite doors

The benefits of solid pine doors over composite doors

When it comes to choosing doors for your home it can be difficult to decide between a classic solid wooden door, and a more modern composite door made from materials such as glass reinforced plastic, wood, PVC and insulating foam. We’d recommend solid wood all the way, and in particular solid pine, which has long been a popular choice for indoor fixtures and furnishings. Solid pine doors make a simple yet attractive addition to any home, and offer a variety of visual, practical and financial advantages that cannot be matched by composite doors.

They exude natural beauty

Solid pine doors add warmth to your home with their individual colourings and rustic charm which cannot be matched by composite doors. Pine is light in colour, ranging from soft cream to deep yellow which brightens up the inside of your home when used for internal doors. Whether you opt for a door that flaunts the natural grain and texture of the wood, or a smooth wood without knots for a sleeker appearance, solid pine doors are very versatile and can be found to suit most furnishing styles and colour schemes.

They can be painted to remain looking fresh

One of the biggest benefits of a solid pine doors is that they can be easily painted should the need arise. Therefore, if you do decide later down the line that you’d prefer a clean, freshly painted white door, or a door painted sweet-pea green to match your furniture, then pine can be easily transformed. This gives them a distinct advantage over composite doors, which are often covered with a glass-reinforced plastic skin, making them difficult to paint.

More affordable than composite or hardwood doors

The affordability of solid pine doors, compared to those made of hardwood or composite materials, is another significant advantage. Pine trees are relatively fast growing compared to hardwoods such as oak, therefore as solid wooden doors go pine is your more affordable option, costing roughly half the price of solid oak. With their unique patterning and natural appeal, pine doors provide a charming and cosy addition to your home that is difficult to achieve with composite doors. Browse our range of handcrafted, solid pine doors to discover which would be best suited to you.