Frequently asked questions about cast iron radiators

Frequently asked questions about cast iron radiators

If you’re looking to add a vintage feel to your interior space, complementing a room with cast iron radiators is an ideal choice. This style of radiator provides a beautiful addition to your room design and suits a range of homes, in particular period properties. Take a look at some of the questions we are frequently asked to help you decide if cast iron radiators are right for you.

Are cast iron radiators as efficient as modern radiators?

Yes, cast iron radiators are efficient, although they do not provide instant heat like their modern counterparts, so you’ll need to put a jumper on for a few minutes until they get going! They take a little longer to warm through due to the thicker cast iron material they are made from. However, if your home is well insulated, has an efficient boiler and thermostatic valves, this will help to keep the room temperature comfortable and the system energy efficient.

Where can I install a cast iron radiator?

When choosing a cast iron radiator for your home, it is wise to consider the size of the room it will be installed in. This style of radiator is suited to all rooms in the home but as with modern radiators, calculating how much heat a room needs will help you decide on the size required. Use your original radiators as a guide or if you are installing heating in new locations, ask the advice of a professional if you are unsure. Please do contact our team if you need any guidance.

Can my existing boiler be used with cast iron radiators?

Yes, our cast iron radiators are compatible with modern heating systems. It is always best to hire a professional to fit your new radiators to ensure the system is functioning effectively.

Do cast iron radiators stay warmer for longer?

Yes, compared to steel radiators, cast iron does stay warmer for longer. A cast iron radiator is thicker and retains heat even after the heating has been turned off.

Are cast iron radiators heavy?

Due to the construction and material used to make this style of radiator, they are very heavy when handled or lifted. Cast iron radiators can often be transported in sections, which makes handling far easier.

Can a cast iron radiator be painted or powder coated?

Our cast iron radiators have a range of finishes, from matt colours to gloss textures. If you would like to discuss colour or finish requirements, please contact us before ordering.

Are cast iron radiators suitable for environmentally friendly heat sources?

Yes, cast iron radiators work very well with ‘green’ heat sources because cast iron absorbs and retains the heat more efficiently than a modern radiator.

Do I need wallstays?

Wallstays should be used with our cast iron radiators because they prevent the radiator from being accidentally knocked off the wall. Cast iron radiators are very heavy, particularly when they are full of water, so wallstays are a must. We stock a wide range of beautiful Victorian style cast iron radiators. These are new products made the traditional way and hand assembled, tested and checked on site. We make our radiators in a variety of sizes and we have a range of accessories to complement them perfectly. If you are looking to revamp your heating system, take a look at our collection of vintage and cast iron radiators that offer a standout decorative feature to any home. If you have any other questions or you would like further information about our cast iron radiators, please call us on 01869 346347.