Finding the Perfect Fittings

Finding the Perfect Door Fittings

At Burgess Reclamation we understand that creating the perfect home comes down to the smallest of details, that's why we personally choose each of our hardware products. We cherry pick each piece based on their high quality craftsmanship, their unusual designs and elegant features. We ensure to maintain a collection that is both eclectic and timeless. We stock a wide range of both nickle and brass designs, from simplistic oval designs to elaborate reeded handles.
Door fittings can completely transform the style of your home. A fresh lick of paint and some stylish hardware accessories can update any living space. Finding the perfect hardware, however, for doors can be tricky. Door fittings need to enhance the look of a home, whilst complimenting the surrounding style or age of a property - period or modern and of course ensuring that they are in keeping with your chosen interior doors.
Below we have put together a few ideas of what we think works well with our collection of door handles. Ensuring that you will have perfectly presented doors in no time!
Oval Shape
Oval Door Knobs Nickel
Oval shape door knobs are perfect when intertwining period features with contemporary style. The vibrant nickle colour gives a fresh look whilst complimenting traditional door features.
Works well with...
Cool nickle tones work well with neutral off-whites and both light and dark grey hues, perfect for painted doors.
Victorian Styles
Solid Brass Door Knob The Victorians took great pride in their door fittings, creating elaborate and intricate designs. Victorian inspired designs boast of grandeur and class, so it's not surprising that these designs are still as popular today. Victorian style door handles look perfect on traditional style doors as they are perfectly in keeping with the exuberant styles.
Works well with...
Brass handles suit both natural and painted doors. The warm bronze colours beautifully match rich natural browns, whilst cool grey hues and dark blue tones work as a striking contrast against the wonderful brass colourings.
Cabinet Fittings
Tabatha Ceramic Door Knobs
Small drawers and cabinet fittings are sometimes hard to find and finding smaller shapes and styles can be tricky. Painted ceramic knobs are perfect for brightly painted cabinets such as bathroom cupboards and drawers.
Works well with...
Ceramic handles are perfect with colourful pastel shades, try chalk paints with ceramic handles for a vintage feel. Contrasting colours work well to give a vibrant look, whilst greys and whites go well with pale pinks and blues.

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