Choosing the Right Floorboards for Your Home

Choosing the Right Floorboards for Your Home

Choosing the right floorboards for your home can be an enduring task. Not only is it a big project, it is likely to be situated in your home for a long time to come, making it imperative that the floorboards you choose will stand the test of time, both in durability and style.
Reclaimed wooden floorboards are an appealing choice for both period and modern properties. The durability of reclaimed floorboards means that they will last you a lifetime and the natural characteristics of the wood gives an ageless feel. There are a variety of different floorboards available at Burgess Reclamation from rustic Grain Store boarding to contemporary Engineered Oak. We’ve compiled all of our reclaimed wooden floorings below, to help you choose the best design for your home.

Aging Gracefully with Grain Store Flooring
Our Grain Store flooring is a desirable choice amongst our customers. This natural wood flooring has aged over the years, resulting in a rich patina of light grey and rich chocolatey hues. The reclaimed flooring has been infused with history and character, exposing old nail holes and giving the wood a weathered feel. The assortment of tones and features displayed in each board makes this flooring truly unique…something which is nearly impossible to mimic with newer boards.
Simplistic Styling with Pine Flooring
Pine flooring is becoming increasingly popular within both period and modern homes. The paler tones of this natural wood are perfect if you’re looking to add some modern flair to your home. This natural flooring makes a feature of knots and the intricate grain which pine provides. Pine flooring is ideal to be laid as it is, simply finished with a clear varnish, or they can be painted or stained to suit your personal style.

Warm your Home with Natural Oak Tones
At Burgess Reclamation we are one of the few companies which offer engineered oak flooring made from reclaimed wood. Our engineered oak flooring is a hardwood flooring which is composed of multiple layers of timber fixed together, which is then finished with a top layer of oak. Engineered oak flooring offers the best of both worlds, providing a characterful and natural look whilst providing structural stability and durability.

Go Against the Grain with our Reclaimed Elm Boards
Solid Elm flooring is a deserving choice if you’re looking to add warmth and character to your home. The natural honeyed tones of Elm give an inviting and welcoming feel to any room. Elm also complements any existing natural oak or elm features you may already have in your home. The wild grain of natural Elm reveals characterful differences between each board, making this flooring truly unique.

Add Contemporary Flair with Pale Oak Boarding
Our New Pale Oak Floorboards are the perfect choice if your looking to refresh and brighten your home. The pale ashy tones of Oak can complement a more minimalistic look and are the ultimate choice if you are inspired by Scandi style. Available in 8” thickness, giving a durable and robust finished to the product.