Case Study: The Rustic Bean

Case Study: The Rustic Bean

The Rustic Bean is one of Banbury’s finest coffee houses. Nestled in the old-style setting of Parson’s street, the Rustic Bean is a refreshing take on traditional style coffee shops. Their use of exposed brick work and rustic old boarding mixed with vibrant vintage tiles and industrial style lighting, means it wouldn’t be out of place in some of London’s coolest coffee houses. Once inside the Rustic Bean, it provides a cosy yet spacious place for you to enjoy their range of delicious coffees and teas, or even one of their beautiful freshly baked cakes made by Cotswold Artisan bakers. The vibrant atmosphere and friendly baristas make the Rustic Bean a great place to hang out with friends or host casual business meetings.

What the Rustic Bean Wanted

The owner of the Rustic Bean, Stacy, visited us giving us a brief of what he wanted for his coffee house. Stacy explained to us that he was looking for a rustic look…perfectly complementing the name of his shop! After showing Stacy a variety of wooden boards from reclaimed elm to planed pine boards. We finally came across the Old Grain Store boarding and it was a firm favorite and the perfect option to give a rustic look to his coffee shop.

A History of Our Grain Store Boarding

The owner of Burgess Reclamation, Adam, travels around the world buying up old barns and salvaging the grain store boarding from them. The boards are then taken to our own factories where they are de-nailed and cut. The advantage of buying the grain store boarding from the original source, means that we can ensure each board is to the highest quality and the close relationships we hold with our team abroad means that our grain store boarding is an item we continuously have in stock.

Why is our Grain Store Boarding so Popular?

Our Grain Store boarding has a beautiful grain to the wood and the reclaimed nature of the wood, means that it is bursting with character. The wood has darkened over the years and is complimented by imperfections such as old nail holes and marks. When our customer’s visit us looking for rustic boards, they often tell us that they are looking for the Soho Farmhouse look, who we also supply the board to.

Our Services

The boards get brushed off at source in our factories abroad, keeping their rustic look. We also offer a sanding service at a fee, where the boards will be given a light sanding. The Grain Store boards are displayed in our yard and we recommend customers to come in and have a look. You are also more than welcome to take away a sample of the board to take home with you. Or why not visit the Rustic Bean to have a look at them in situ and enjoy a delicious coffee and a slice of cake whilst you’re there!

The Rustic Bean, 61 Parsons Street, Banbury, OX16 5NB