5 reasons to choose marble kitchen worktops as an alternative to granite

5 reasons to choose marble kitchen worktops as an alternative to granite

Marble is a crystalline form of limestone, typically white with distinctive veins and markings. Due to its striking and elegant appearance, marble was a highly coveted building material in ancient Greece and Rome, and remains so to this day. If you’re struggling to decide between granite or marble kitchen worktops, here are five reasons to opt for the latter.

Elegant appearance

The elegant and luxurious appearance of marble sets it apart from any other natural stone. The bright hues of white marble cannot be matched by the tones of granite, and the soft lines bring a timeless look to your kitchen that will outlive any passing trends that arise for coloured or textured granite. The gentle tones of marble also match well with most colour schemes and brighten up what may otherwise be a gloomier looking kitchen.


A major selling point of marble is that no cut of it is the same because of the unique veins that run through it. Although pure marble is also an option, it’s the impurities in the mass which create the interesting patterns and markings that are available in more subtle or striking designs depending on personal preference. Whilst patterns are also found in granite, they are often harsher and lacking the understated beauty of marble.

Soft yet durable

Marble is often criticised for the fact that it isn’t has hard as granite, but when properly cleaned and maintained it can be kept in excellent condition for many years. The fact that it isn’t as hard as granite also makes it far easier to cut, and so it can be easily shaped with interesting designs if you’re looking for something bespoke to suit your style.

Keeps its cool

The thermal properties of marble allow it to remain cold despite the warmth of the room, which makes it a popular choice with bakers as it will stop your pastry from sticking and keep it chilled.


With marble being considered synonymous with luxury, it’s often thought of as an expensive option for worktops, but in fact there is little difference between the price of marble and granite. Marble is widely accessible as it has a variety of price points to suit different budgets, with the cost depending on the type and thickness used. Find out more about how our marble worktops can make a beautiful addition to your kitchen, and get in contact with us should you have any queries or wish to place an order.