Should I Buy New or Reclaimed Doors?

Should I Buy New or Reclaimed Doors?

When it’s time to replace the doors in your house, it can be hard to choose between installing brand new doors or going for reclaimed options that exude character. There are pros and cons to both styles, so here are some things to take into consideration before making your decision.

Finding the style that’s right for you

When choosing doors for your home one of the big considerations is making sure the look fits with the style of your home. There are several elements to consider, such as what period the door is from and the material it’s made of. If you choose a wooden door, the type and colour of the wood has a significant effect on the feel of your home, with lighter, warmer colours looking cosy and rustic and darker woods looking sleek and expensive. The detailing of the door is also important to consider – does it match your décor or is it too busy? Or would you prefer a more ornate design to add character? If it’s a front door you’re looking for there’s also the added issue of how much light it lets in, as some doors will make your hallway darker. At Burgess Reclamation we’ve always got a wide selection of both new and reclaimed front and internal doors. We’ve got quirky antique options - such as jail doors or ornate hand-carved doors - as well as simpler reclaimed plank doors, and fresh news doors in both pine and solid oak. Available in a variety of styles to suit your needs, all of our reclaimed doors are beautifully aged and add a rustic old-fashioned charm to your home.

Weight, security and insulation – the practical stuff

Although not as standout as the look and design of the door, it’s weight, security and insulative properties are all elements to consider when deciding whether a reclaimed or new door is right for you. Whether the door’s core is lightweight, middle weight or heavy weight will affect how well it insulates sound, and heat, and there are both reclaimed and new doors of all thickness though so this consideration should be applied to your specific options. Many of the reclaimed doors we stock are heavy due to the materials used, which gives a good weight to the door – although this may not be ideal for families with young children.

Pricing up your options

The price is of course often a deciding factor, especially when there are several doors that need replacing in your home. And depending on what type of reclaimed door you have your eye on, the prices can vary significantly. If cheapness is your priority a new door will likely be more cost effective but paying for the character and beauty of a reclaimed door is well worth it if you can. The price of fitting should be considered along with the price of the door, and for reclaimed doors this can be more expensive. The fact that you can’t be as specific about the dimensions of the door is one reason for this, which makes the fitting process more complicated. Paying for quality door fitting is an investment though, to ensure your doors lasts for many years and keeps your property safe and well insulated.

The environmental benefits

We’ve all become far more aware of how our actions affect the environment over the last decade, and choosing a reclaimed door is a great way of recycling and saving energy, as well as adding a beautiful historic element to your property. Whatever your decision, we offer a range of reclaimed and new doors to suit all needs. We sell solid oak plank doors, as well as solid pine, and handcrafted wooden doors. Come along to our reclamation yard to browse our eclectic range of antique doors.