Christmas Trees Now in Stock

Oh Christmas Tree...

It's that magical time of year again... Just to remind you all, there's only 18 days left until Christmas! We've been busy in the yard this week, unloading all of our Christmas trees ready for you to view. Christmas simply wouldn't be Christmas without the perfect tree, so we thought we would give you a few facts about our Christmas trees.

Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees All of our Christmas trees are approximately 6ft tall and are Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees. An average 6ft tree takes between 6 - 10 years to fully grow.

There are four main types of Christmas tree sold in the UK and approximately six to eight million Christmas trees will be sold this year.

Christmas Trees

The Nordmann Fir has luscious, glossy green leaves with softer needles than most other trees, making them a 'fluffy' looking tree. They are slightly fatter around the lower middle of the tree , so they are perfect if you like filling your tree with lots of decorations!

The Nordman Fir occurs at altitudes of 900-2,200 metres, on mountains with a rainfall of at least 1000 mm. The scientific name of the Nordman Fir is Abies nordmanniana.

The Nordmann Fir is a popular Christmas tree choice as their needles are softer and less sharp than most other Christmas trees and their needles are less likely to drop when drying out.

Well, that's about as much interesting information that we've got on our trees, we hope to have given you a bit of guidance in choosing the right tree for you this Christmas.